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A Bowl of Rice represents the epitome of Wealth & Fitness

CREI Academy Group has 8 glorious years of empowering property buyers and investors make smart and profitable decisions since we came online. Often imitated, but never duplicated. 

Today, we reigned supreme in Wealth & Fitness advice - two key attributes no one else can provide, except us. 

As Career Property Investor AND Exercise Professional, A Bowl of Rice offers our discerning clients unparallel property wealth and fitness coaching. The support that makes a difference.  


The Private Tutor for Property Investors

We Empower You With an Independent Mind.

Learn from a True-blue Career Property investor with 20 years of Solid Investment Success!

Happy senior asian woman with man or per

Physical Fitness & Wellness for Over 40

Because Exercise Should Be Empowering, Not Intimidating.

We Manage Your Health So You Can Enjoy Your Wealth.

We Cultivate Smart Property Investors with Smart Fitness

Rice (米饭; mǐfàn) -  an ancient symbol of wealth, abundance, success, good health and increasing prosperity every year. It is powerful.

Rice is an ancient symbol of wealth, success and good health. It is powerful.

In Asia rice is a natural prosperity and abundance symbol. It represents the wealth of the home.

You also need to take care to protect your wealth. For this reason, the manner in which you store your rice is of utmost importance.

Rice is a food that helps to live and survive. Thus, rice represents our well-being, health, and prosperity.

A Bowl of Rice represents a contemporary paradigm shift in Property Wealth and Physical Wellness. Our clients are generally age 40 and above who are successful professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs - or simply any individual who wants to create an inner champion and live life on their terms. 

The literal meaning of A Bowl of Rice  — a symbol of togetherness. The dimensions of a rice bowl are derived from the measurements of the human hand. The rice bowl has a soft texture on the outer surface that can be felt when caressed with both hands.

Holding the rice bowl in your hand, therefore, becomes a very comforting experience. 

We're A Bowl of Rice.


For Wealth, Abundance and Physical Wellness, people need to build strength in two key areas of life that are known to contribute to the length and quality of their years. 

They are Physical Fitness and Investment Smart.

Marcus Aurelius

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