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In Seductive Fantasy, Property is Easy Money

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

You often see pictures of rich people in seductive lifestyles. Or, at least, in a lifestyle that gives the appearance of rich.

You know the pose: standing beside their Lamborghini, hands folded around their chest, smiling the smug smiles of those who think they’ve got it figured out.

I Am Not One Of Those ‘Rich’ People – But I’m Wealthy Enough On My Own Terms.

Apart from being painfully aware that I have almost nothing truly figured out, I detest the idea of being ‘rich’. It’s not a pleasant thought to me.

Thinking of ‘Rich’ is thinking Bad Money.

Bad Money that is the sort of bad drugs – cocaine, heroin and meth. It can be narcissism and addictive in nature. It turns the individual into a money psychopath and serial drug sellers.

This is not a surprise since the world in which we live is driven by money and things people want to have. It’s all materialistic and second place is the first loser. The modern world doesn’t tolerate losers.

Wealth, on the other hand, is different. Wealth is Good Money. Good money that is sort of good drugs. Drugs that cure and heal.

Wealthy means being sustainable even in hard times. It gives an individual freedom of choice and liberty to do what he or she choose in life.

It’s about being in control of your life and not let society dictate that for you.

It is Cultural Hegemony In A Billion-Dollar Industry

One of the ultimate goals of the elite is to mould your worldview. All the ideas, explanations, values, beliefs and morals that we often take for granted are the means to this end.

The elites are the parents. We are their children.

They teach us how the world is supposed to work, and we absorb every piece of information because we don’t know any better. This results in the formation of totalitarian systems in which most people are nothing but subjects to cultural hegemony.

The scariest part is that most remain in that state forever. Recovery never takes place. The child never grows.

And why would real estate wealth (or any other forms of wealth) be any different? It can’t be.

It’s the same thing all over again. Since the very beginning, the masters of manipulation have been forming our understanding of owning a piece of real estate.

We believe what we believe because ‘they’ say we have to believe it.

We are told to invest in property as a ‘proven’ wealth and retirement asset because it’s a society norm.

We are afraid to be happy in a way unapproved by the system.

The Bull S*its…

Why aren’t you owning your own property?

All real estate appreciates in the long-term.

Real estate is save form of long-term savings.

Everyone makes money in real estate.

The rich invest in real estate. So if you want to be rich, invest in it too.

…and more Bull S*its.

Many buyers falsely believe that rising home values is the cause and effect of home ownership. They forget the reason why the value of a house rise is due to depreciation of money.

The real economic reason the price of a house goes up - it takes more money to own one due to monetary inflation. The owner has really not benefited in any real terms since the money he received from selling the house tomorrow is smaller in buying power than today.

Even modest capital appreciation is rarely reasonably profitable unless the property was bought with the right conditions and at the exact right cycle and right economic conditions and right government policies.

A property owner faces ‘Hannibal the silent killer’ in monetary inflation and then again ‘Friday the 13th hack-and-slash killer’ in property expenses.

So if a home owner decides to realise his profits some years later, monetary inflation and property expenses and long paying years of mortgage interests would have eaten a huge chunk of capital value leaving little profit or nothing at all.

Above all, unless if he’s willingly to move in to stay with his kids, stay on the streets or rent another home with tomorrow’s money, he has to pay for another new home with even more money. It’s a virtuous buying and selling cycle.

But Greedy Perpetrators Never Stop.

Consequently, the slave never learns ‘reality’ and remains dependent on others for answers.

But, honestly, nobody knows what true reality is anyway.

It may very well be the biggest dream of them all – the one that enfolds all others.

As long as you fall into the trap of letting bigger players lead you on, you lose the game and will be milked and skinned every ounce of fat and juice.

I know it’s tempting to believe that your real estate ‘idols’ are truthful, and the real estate industry is one happy family brought together as a ‘messiah’ to help regular folks build their financial dreams with property ownership, but that is base level thinking.

Before all, the human world is a business. And in business, you have neither friends nor lovers, only customers, enemies and partners. Your adversaries are playing games with your mind and dancing around the core issues.

‘They’ can talk all day about seductive real estate profits but once you start questioning their motives and logic, you turn into the wiser.

The end goal of the perpetrators is to turn the end-consumer into a cow that only knows one thing – spend their entire lives trapped inside the farming industry, get fed and fat and treated as nothing more than milking machines providing the milk and meat.

Perception Is Key. A Dream Has to Be Created

A man bought new tires for his car and put the old ones in his backyard.

Since there was very little life left in the old tires, he placed a ‘FREE’ sign on top. For weeks, nobody cared about the tires. They were invisible to the passengers and the neighbours.

Later, the guy replaced the ‘FREE’ sign with ‘$25’.

The tires were stolen in a few days.


Perception of value.

When people are convinced that something is valuable, they want to have it.

Virtually all marketing strategies are built on this principle. Marketing experts are paid to create an otherworldly aura around products.

We want to be lied to.

We want to have the sexy metal-boxes-on-wheels with the three-legged logos on them.

We want the dream.

We want to believe we can shoot lightning bolts from our fingers one day.

And that’s what ‘they’ give us – artificially amplified value.

The minute we pay to attend a get-rich seminar by a guru with unsubstantiated claims or attend a real estate seminar talk  by ‘experts’ disguised as ‘education’, we feel more ‘enlighten’ thanks to the placebo effect.

But if you learn how to cut through the movie effects, you will get ahead and preserve your independence. You won’t be tricked and owned.

The Property Get-Rich Dogma Can Transform In An Instant.

One day it wears the hula to be your angel of financial freedom.

The next morning it acts as a high-class escort (banks) promising you the time of your life (loans) only to tie you to the bed with iron cuffs, take your money and charge you with sexual assault (interest).

The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their tactics and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff.

I personally have no interest in being a rich narcissist, smoking a cigar on a snobbish yacht named after a mistress and waiting for the Viagra pills to finally kick in.

However, I also have no interest in being a slave to the banks and get whipped for disobedience. I refuse to accept the doctrine of today as the will of a higher power because it’s not.

In the search of the complex, we ignore the obvious. We behave like mathematical prodigies unable to calculate the interest imposed by banks and a property’s real returns after monetary inflation and expenses.

Why? Because most of us are smart idiots.

I have a PhD? Cool.

If I am so smart, why am I going into debt enslavement to buy the latest BMW, condo/landed or Hermes handbag?

The system not only tolerates smart idiots – it adores them and tries to produce them faster than iPhones.

After all, who is going to build the world if there are no smart idiots?

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