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Live Your Own Life (Invest) On Your Own Terms!

Are you stuck in the rut or do you have freedom of life choices?

I Am Not One Of Those ‘Rich’ People – But I’m wealthy enough to live life on my OWN terms.

I CONTROL my own daily working hours.

I DECIDE if I want to work for the day (week or month) or simply slack off.

I CHOOSE life's freedom than work slavery.

I have the FREEDOM to experience the wonders of life.

If you are working primarily for basic survival needs like food, raising kids and to support a humble HDB flat for a roof under your head, that’s perfectly fine.

But if you’re working like a plough horse to pay off an expensive home mortgage and car loan, may I suggest you spent time re-evaluating the real meaning of life.

There is a big difference between working hard and being a slave.

True hard work - allows you to keep at least some of your production for yourself, whereas the made-up idea of hard work in our society is nothing but a code word for dedicated slavery.

Dedicated slavery - working 50-60-hour-work-weeks to produce for others above his or her pay-grade and to make others richer; always looking forward to weekends and holidays hoping to escape the dreaded crucibles; and perhaps a big fat year-end bonus to feed the expensive car, a big condo mortgage and $2000 a month beauty products.

And ‘they’ blame work for being too tired for their kids and exercise…

So why the need to buy that expensive car and condo in the first place?

Why the need to hire a helper ($1,000 a month) to walk the dog when it’s the responsibility of the dog owner?

Why transfer responsibilities to a helper to babysit the kids on weekends instead of doing it yourself? I see this too often where I lived. Younger parents living a condo lifestyle and kids are babysat by a helper even on weekends.

People give over-used excuses like no time and no patience. Is it simply a case of plain laziness chasing after material wealth?

Why labor 60-hour work weeks to feed that expensive car ‘they’ barely drive for an hour a day and an expensive home ‘they’ barely spent time in? (Much less with their kids)

Isn’t it a vicious cycle?

Here’s the ironic part:

You can be a high-income earner BUT...

Do you have the guts and freedom to ‘fire’ your boss anytime you want? Some people love to use ‘passion’ to justify heavy job commitments even though they may hate most of it.

Can you stop work TODAY and retire financially without selling your home?

I know most high-income earners cannot afford to because their current lifestyle is based entirely on a high monthly salary to support an expensive lifestyle they cannot do without.

If it is indeed a real passion for the love of "work", there’ll be none of those moody Sunday nights and Monday blues.


Chasing long-awaited weekends/holidays,

having work-stress complains from job obligations which ‘they’ need to fulfill – whether ‘they’ like it or not,

..... just to redeem a monthly pay-check to feed an ostentatious lifestyle.

People who love their work so much they want to get back to it every single day regardless if it’s Christmas or Chinese New Year and they have no complains whatsoever.

Don’t use lame excuses like ‘YOLO’ (Live Life Only Once). It is a vicious cycle for personal justification. Successful people live far beyond what’s today.

Borrowing and spending for social acceptance are the modern-day equivalent of ancient slavery.

There’s not a chance of escape to momentary freedom as the iron chains of consumer debts are heavy on the ankles.

Thinking of ‘Rich’ is thinking Bad Money.

Bad Money that is the sort of bad drugs – cocaine, heroin and meth. It can be narcissism and addictive in nature. It turns the individual into a money psychopath and serial drug sellers.

This is not a surprise since the world in which we live is driven by money and things people want to have.

It’s all materialistic and second place is the first loser. The modern world doesn’t tolerate losers.

Wealth, on the other hand, is different.

Wealth is Good Money.

Good money that is sort of good drugs. Drugs that cure and heal.

Wealthy means being sustainable even in hard times.

It gives an individual freedom of choice and liberty to do what he or she choose in life.

It’s about being in control of your life and not let society dictate that for you.

“If it doesn’t make me money, I’ve no time for it”.

Today people only care about acquiring. We would never ever do something that does not give us something back.

As they say: “If it doesn’t make me money, I have no time for it.”

Unfortunately, there is a problem.

If the whole point of life was to collect as many things as you can, why is everything material staying here after we die?

If it’s staying here, it must be because we don’t need it “there”.

Too many wealth “gurus” only address the materialistic benefits of being rich, which I believe to be one of the lesser reasons, makes the concept “Get-Rich” flawed in my opinion.

My point is, being rich is not desirable to everyone.

Most people you know always “want” to be rich, but will never be rich or wealthy simply because their “want” isn’t big enough.

As a result, they don’t put in the psychological effort, i.e financial and self-discipline.

Others say they want to be rich. Not all of them mean they want to have tons of money.

For many people, what they really want is time freedom. They want to have enough money to pursue the things they always dream of, see the world and escape into nirvana.

For those who really want time freedom or the ability to retire comfortably, the truth is, you don’t have to necessarily be money-rich; you only need to produce the right type of income and possess the right mind-set and courage to separate “Rich” and “Wealthy” in two separate boxes.

The latter provides contention and life’s fulfillment.

The former is a box of Pandora.

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