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Property Investing in 10 Colossal Sentences

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Size doesn’t always matter — and I’m here to prove it.

I’m most-well known for my massive blog posts, but today I want to do something different.

Today, I wanted to go short.

I’ve been investing in property for 15 years now, and these are 10 most impactful lessons I’ve learned, succinctly summed up in ten quick sentences.


Property Investing in 10 Colossal Sentences

1. The 80/20 rule (Pareto’s Principle) applies perfectly to most property deals in that 20% of your deals will give you 80% of your profits; thus, focus on buying fewer but better deals.

You never need to own multiple properties that may just be garbage. You only need to own one, two GREAT income-producing properties and achieved financial success!

2. Avoid the common pitfall of “speculative investing”. Treat your property investment like the business that it is — with systems, processes, outsourcing, mentors, and math.

3. Don’t just buy “follower” property deals, buy incredible property deals — which takes a lot more work, patience, and a system for analysing deals.

4. Be able to explain your selection of property to someone else. Always make sure you can articulate your reasoning to someone else and if you can’t, you shouldn’t be buying.

5. Property investing might be right for you. It might not. But do not make the largest decision of your life because it’s something you “should” do.

6. If you get your ROI (Return-on-Investment) numbers RIGHT, all other parameters, including price & location would have fallen into place.

7. AVOID Mid to High-End properties – You’re not going to get rich, you’re also not going to get poor at the same time.

8. The best real estate deals in the world are useless without proper management, so understand that the investment doesn’t end with acquisition — it begins there.

9. Wealth building is a slow, exponential curve that you’ll work for years at it and may never feel like you are getting anywhere, but one day you’ll wake up and look back to see the mountain you’ve climbed, and in that moment realize every step was worth it.

10. Not every property books, talks and seminars have your best interests at heart. Nobody gives a damn about your success more than yourself. …. but everybody gives a damn about your money, that’s for sure!

If you want to do anything right and successful, spent your only resources (hard work, money and time) to achieve meaningful objectives – STOP spending them on meaningless social media browsing (Facebook, Instagram, etc), watching nonsensical drama serials, shopping for expensive cars/handbags/homes etc.

Hint: If no money, use TIME as powerful substitute.

Instead, spend those valuable resources reading up on financial education, investment education, real estate education, economics, fiction/non-fiction books, walk-the-ground for property due diligence, study real successful people, create your own success model, methods and system instead of trying to copy others, think-out-of-the-box and don’t be a follower.

Think hard on what you really want to do with your life and everything else that will contribute positively to your success.

Not that you’ve read my list of 10 sentences, what’s the biggest lessons you’ve learned from real estate?

Please share below, and if you have family or friends you think could benefit from this post, pass it along.

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