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The Secret to Lasting Wealth + Health

My body-weight workout during Winter, South Korea

Today, I want to share something super personal with you (since so many of you responded saying you wanted me to share more of this sort of thing with you).

There’s nothing mystical or magical about attaining property wealth or good health. You just have to show up and do the work: Stop focusing on the obstacles and start focusing on where you are going.

There are opportunities all around us. You already know this. You see people take advantage of them and often think about how that could have been you. 

But it’s not you. 

It’s so much easier to see all the hardships and difficulties that come with trying. I’m not making excuses for you, but I understand. It’s easier to see the trees in the forest, than it is to see the path through the trees. 

Everyone has these hardships and difficulties.

For some it’s their debt. From some it’s their spouse. For others, it’s time…or money…or fear… or belief system. The obstacles for success feel infinite. 

But so are the opportunities… 

So, stop looking at the problems and focus on the opportunity. 

You don’t control the outcome, just the process.


My 1st Property Investment

Bought my first freehold investment property for $425,00. When I first saw the dilapidated unit, I just knew I had to buy it. I don't know why. You may call it intuition or gut feeling. You just had a deja vu from knowing this is going to be an opportunity hard to miss. 

The first day I met with the viewing agent which I clearly remembered as a Saturday, immediately on the following day I offered my 5% O.T.P (Option-to-Purchase). My wife, Michelle then was against it because the unit was old and may require costly renovations.

After giving our 5% cheque, we found out we didn't have enough cash for the remainder down-payment! (I'll continue this story on another post)

Many people like to think I started my first property investment in 2003. I beg to differ. It was in fact 2001. It was in late 2001 (dot-com bubble burst) when I started my EDUCATION into learning everything I  can on the local property market. My EDUCATION  in 2001 was my FIRST investment. It wasn't my 2003 purchase. 

It was education that got me my intuition and gut feeling. I spent two entire years learning everything I can about the property market.  (I had no property mentor. My only mentor was the streets)

Remember, in those days, the internet was not yet readily available as today. All research has to be done on the ground, meaning I simply had to spent my weekends calling agents, and viewing different types of properties in various locations in Singapore from HDBs to private condos/apartments/landed.

I learned the hard way by being in the trenches. 

Did I know when I'll buy my first property? No.

Did I think if I have had enough money then to put down a down-payment? No. 

Did I foresee what market conditions were going to be in 2003? (SARS Crisis). No.

Do I continue obsessing over how much money I'll make in property? No.

Did I have an intention to buy invest in property in 2001? Yes. 

It was the last statement that just propelled me forward regardless.

Learn, learn learn. Action! Action! Action!

I knew EDUCATION and ACTION is the process. Not worrying about the outcome, just honoring the process.

Here’s what I know about ACTION: It happens in small bites. Step by step. One little chunk at a time. The process will lead to an outcome. The dots will connect eventually. 

I encourage you to do the same thing. 

If you don’t first work on yourself, there is no point in working on anything. 

You need to work on your thoughts. Question your beliefs. Question your fears. Question your purpose. And build yourself up to be great! 


You can do GREAT things!

Success starts with developing yourself. The process is just the proof, or score, showing how well you’ve grown or developed as a person. 

How to grow your property wealth or how to lose weight and become fitter for life, you decide.

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