"Real Estate is a Harsh Mistress"

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By Some of the Biggest Names in Singapore Property ...

“Gerald has been a valued guest contributor to Propwise.sg, and in his new book he continues his frank, ‘take no prisoners’ style to help educate would-be property investors to avoid traps, scams and wealth-destroying landmines. Read this book if you want to learn the truth about property investing.”

Mr. Propwise, founder of Propwise.sg

“Real Estate Is A Hard Mistress is not just another property buying book or “get-rich-quick” publication. Gerald uses his usual sense of humour to expose the hidden pains and sufferings of property investors after making terrible mistakes in real estate investment. The book accomplishes its goal of warning readers the dangers and consequences of buying the wrong thing. It is a must-read for anyone who dream of making money from properties.”

Vina Ip, Blogger, PropertySoul.com and Director, Property Club Singapore

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Real Estate Is A Harsh Mistress

By Gerald Tay

Did the Rich really invest in Real Estate to become rich or just a hugely misleading statement concocted by shenanigans of the property industry to sow confusion and fantasy in the minds of the middle-class who aspire to be rich?


In REAL ESTATE IS A HARSH MISTRESS, I write that the real estate industry loves to lie to itself, buyers and everyone else they can profit from; about everything from what sort of property aspiring middle-class homeowners should upgrade; to how real estate is a solid ‘brick and mortar’ secure retirement plan and investors score a big exit.

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